main event

Saturday April 22 – Sunday April 23, 2023

Single Day Pass = $37
Two Day Pass = $65
Kids Under Age 12 = FREE

1. Exhibition Hall – (included with general admission ticket)

40,000 square feet featuring professional all-star DC and Marvel comic book creators, comic book art dealers, and collectible sellers of comic books, toys, cards, games, posters, apparel, and much more!

Location: Hall A (Hynes Convention Center)
Hours:  Saturday & Sunday 4/22-23/2023 10am to 6pm both days

2. Artist Alley (included with a general admission ticket)

This is where your favorite DC and Marvel artists started: Artist Alley!  Come meet local up and coming comic book creators and invest in their creations now before they become big! Support your local comic book creator!

Location: Hall A (Hynes Convention Center)

Hours:  Saturday & Sunday 4/22-23/2023 10am to 6pm both days


3. The Cos-Way (included with a general admission ticket)

An area at Wicked Comic Con solely dedicated to everything cosplay, The Cos-Way features our special cosplay guests, vendors, groups, photographers, photo-op area, and costume contest registration!  Calling all cosplayers!

Location: Hall A LOBBY (Hynes Convention Center)

Hours:  Saturday & Sunday 4/22-23/2023 10am to 6pm both days


4. Costume Contest (included with a general admission ticket)

The Wicked Cosplay Showcase featuring the Wicked Cosplay Competition and Cosplay Catwalk! Entrants can compete for cash prizes and more! Contestants must be 13 years of age or older to compete! Kids Costume Contest for those 12 and under will be held separately. Click here for complete rules. 

Location: Café (Hynes Convention Center)

Hours: Saturday 4/22/2023 5:00pm to 6:30pm



  • Most Wicked Costume ($1,000)
  • Runner-Up ($500)
  • Advanced Division ($200)
  • Intermediate Division ($200)
  • Beginner Division ($100)
  • Judge Special Recognition Award


5. Cosplay Programming

New England Cosplay Makers Space:

A first to the New England Convention Scene, this designated area will feature a variety of cosplayers showcasing hands on, interactive setups to demonstrate the different types of cosplay crafting! Demonstrations will vary each day, so you could see something new being done with different craftsman throughout the weekend. From 3D Printing to armor building, leatherworking to sewing, molding and sculpting to priming and painting, our amazing makers will show you their expertise and help you get on the right foot to start into the world of cosplay.

Red Raven Photography Studio

Looking to get the best shots of your amazing cosplays? Red Raven Studios (based in New Bedford, MA) will be on hand, setting up an outstanding photo studio at this year’s show. Be sure to check them out at the show and see what they have in store!

CosWay Runway

Take the walk, strike a pose and showcase your amazing cosplayers for photographers and attendees to see! Happening on Sunday, the FIRST EVER CosWay Runway will allow cosplayers, no matter their age or cosplay skill, to take the stage and show off their cosplays for everyone to see! Signups will be taking place Sunday at the Costume Contest booth, so don’t miss out!

Location: Hall A (Hynes Convention Center)

Hours:  Saturday & Sunday 10am to 6pm both days

6. The Boston Comic Art Show (included with a general admission ticket)

The value of original comic book art continues to climb. Investing in original comic book art is not only smart, it’s fun! The Boston Comic Art Show features some of the most prominent original comic book art dealers in the country: Comic Art House, Nostalgic Investments, Albert Moy, Kwan Chang, More Great Art, Panel Page Art, The Artist’s Choice, and Essential Sequential!

Location: Hall A (Hynes Convention Center)
Hours: Saturday & Sunday 10am to 6pm both days

7. Panels

PANEL NAME: You Don’t Know Jack

PANEL DESCRIPTION: You Don’t Know Jack is a trivia game were high culture and pop culture collide! Four contestants come on stage to test their nerd knowledge and their tolerance for bad jokes! Try your hand at Wicked Comic Con’s adaptation of this popular party game to win some fabulous prizes!

Location: Café (Hynes Convention Center)
Hours: Saturday 11:00am to 12:30pm

PANEL NAME: Business of Cosplay

PANEL DESCRIPTION: Business of Cosplay – Ever wonder what it takes to get into making money for cosplaying? Join this roundtable discussion about what you need to know to get started and learn from the pros!

Location: Café (Hynes Convention Center)
Hours: Saturday 12:45pm to 1:30pm

PANEL NAME: BBE Game Shows presents “Press Your Luck.”

PANEL DESCRIPTION: Based on the hit game show of years past, contestants are selected from our LIVE panel audience to correctly answer various fandom trivia questions to earn spins on our game board and win prizes, if they can avoid The Whammy. Let’s play!

Location: Café (Hynes Convention Center)
Hours: Saturday 1:30pm to 3:00pm

PANEL NAME: Nerd Caliber Presents the Cosplay and Photographer Shootout!

PANEL DESCRIPTION: Photographers and cosplayers are randomly paired together and have a short amount of time to go out into the convention and take a photo matching to the theme. Once all images are in, the panel of judges critiques them, and chooses a winner!

Location: Café (Hynes Convention Center)
Hours: Saturday 3:30pm to 4:30pm

PANEL NAME: Costume Contest

PANEL DESCRIPTION: Our second annual Wicked Costume Contest wraps up our Saturday with an event showcasing a variety of amazing costumes competing for cash prizing! Winners will be chosen from each division, with one overall winner taking home the most WICKED Prize of $1,000! Pre-registration occurs prior to the con, however, some registrations will be accepted at the Costume Contest booth located in the CosWay!

Location: Café (Hynes Convention Center)
Hours: Saturday 5:00pm to 6:30pm

PANEL NAME: Jeopardy

PANEL DESCRIPTION: The classic game show Jeopardy is here at Wicked Comic Con! Three contestants test their geek knowledge to be crowned this year’s champion. Twelve categories and a Final Jeopardy question are all that stand between the players and glory! 

Location: Café (Hynes Convention Center)
Hours: Sunday 11:00am to 12:00pm

PANEL NAME: Dressed to Impress: Competing in Cosplay

PANEL DESCRIPTION: Have you wanted to compete in a costume contest at a convention before? Want to be prepared for the next time you need to step in front of the judges? Join some of are award winning cosplay guests as they answer your questions and tell you the best ways to dress to impress for cosplay competitions!

Location: Café (Hynes Convention Center)
Hours: Sunday 12:30pm to 1:30pm

PANEL NAME: Where to Start?


Where to Start? How you can start cosplaying from scratch! – Have you wanted to get into cosplaying but don’t think you have the time or just want to jump right in as fast as possible? Join Rachel Maksy and Silhouette Cosplay as they discuss how you can thrift, modify and upcycle your way to cosplaying for the first time!

Location: Café (Hynes Convention Center)
Hours: Sunday 2:00pm to 3:00pm

PANEL NAME: Deal or No Deal?

PANEL DESCRIPTION: For the first time at Wicked Comic Con, BBE Game Shows presents the game of mystery briefcases. Do you have the luck, guts, and timing to beat the banker and win it all? You just need to answer one simple question…Deal or No Deal?

Location: Café (Hynes Convention Center)
Hours: Sunday 3:30pm to 4:30pm

PANEL NAME: CosWay Runway

PANEL DESCRIPTION: Come strut your stuff across the stage and showcase your amazing cosplay! Our first ever CosWay RunWay is your best way to showcase your costume without the stress of competing in a costume contest and to let everyone see your amazing cosplay!

Location: Café (Hynes Convention Center)
Hours: Sunday 5:00pm to 6:00pm


8. Portfolio Reviews With Frank Miller Presents’ Dan Didio

As Frank Miller Presents nears the first anniversary of its inception, the independent publishing company is currently engaged in a nationwide artist talent search. FMP Publisher, Dan Didio, will be attending Wicked Comic Con 2023 with the goal of finding the next best talent. Dan will be conducting portfolio reviews all weekend at table 419 on a first come, first served basis. Bring your best sequential art samples, and who knows, it could be your wicked lucky day!

Location: Hall A (Hynes Convention Center)
Hours:  Saturday & Sunday 4/22-23/2023 10am to 6pm both days

after hours

Saturday April 22, 2023

1. Drink N Draw (Admission FREE to all Wicked Comic Con Attendees)

Join us Saturday night after the show to indulge in a few beverages at the Hynes Coffee Bar in the lobby for a Drink n’ Draw session with our esteemed comic book creator guests. We will have blank coasters available to either set down your glass or doodle a sketch. All skill levels are encouraged. (21+ only).

Location: Hynes Coffee Bar (Hynes Convention Center)
Hours: Saturday 4/22/2023 9pm to 11pm

2. FIRE/ICE After Party (Admission FREE to all Wicked Comic Con Attendees)

FIRE/ICE – the Official After Party of Wicked Comic Con.

A battle happening over hundreds of thousands of years. Fire. Ice. A clash to decide which one will give way first. The lines have been set. Which side will you choose? The Official After Party of Wicked Comic Con happens right in the Hynes Convention Center, with doors opening at 8:30PM until 1:30AM. Dress for this epic clash in something cool as ice or bring the heat with some fire and one lucky winner will walk away with a $100 gift card to Fire+Ice Boston’s Interactive Bar + Grill! Featuring music throughout the night by DJ Furious and a Fire vs Ice Costume Contest to choose which side wins, each attendee can enjoy an evening filled with ice cold drinks, raise the temps with dance moves and a few surprises thrown in. Entry to the party is free to all Wicked attendees (wristband or badge required) and $20 at the door for non-attendees.

Location: Hynes Coffee Bar (Hynes Convention Center)
Hours: Saturday 4/22/2023 8:30pm to 1:30am

Admission is FREE to Wicked Comic Con attendees

special event

Saturday April 15, 2023

Red Sox/ WCC Fenway Park VIP Experience 

The Boston Red Sox and  Wicked Comic Con  Present, “Wicked Comic Con Day at
Fenway Park
!”, taking place Saturday, April 15, 2023, 4pm. 
Come in costume and sit in the Wicked Comic Con grandstand section solely dedicated to Wicked Comic Con fans! 

Before the game, you will attend the WCC/ Red Sox pre-party at the Sand Deck inside Fenway Park!  

Your ticket includes:

 – One (1) ticket to the Boston Red Sox (versus LA Angels) game on April 15th at Fenway Park
 – One (1) entry to the post-game, Wicked Comic Con party at Fenway Park
–  One (1) exclusive Red Sox/ WCC lanyard
– One (1) Wicked Comic Con Tote Bag filled with surprise swag

Location:  Fenway Park

Hours:  game starts at 4pm; pre-party begins immediately before the game at 2pm
Ticket Price: $50 (does not include admission to Wicked Comic Con; please purchase a separate admission ticket). Click here to BUY TICKETS


Please email for further info or to join waitlist. Thank you.

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