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Are Vendor and Artist Alley Tables Available for Purchase?

YES, we have acquired additional space and now have tables for available for vendors and artists. Click here for an application form. 

Are Sponsorship Opportunities Available?

YES, we have several  sponsorship tiers to advertise your business with Wicked Comic Con. Please email Jules Gagne for further information. 

Where Can Tickets Be Bought?

Tickets are available for purchase now on Eventbrite at the link

Will Tickets Be Available For Sale at The Door?
Only IF the event does not sell out beforehand. We don’t recommend waiting until the last minute. 

What is the COVID policy?
Wicked Comic Con and the Westin Boston Seaport strictly adhere to the COVID procedures as set forth by the city of Boston. As of this writing the mask and proof of vaccination mandates have been lifted citywide. This means masks are not required.  

Is public transportation available?
YES, the Silver Line stops at the MBTA station WORLD TRADE CENTER

Where do I park?
The Seaport district has several parking garages in the area. This link has several options within walking distance of the Westin Boston Seaport. 

Where should I stay?
The Westin Seaport Boston is naturally the most convenient place to stay, rooms may be booked at the convention rate at the link.  

Where should I queue up for entrance to the convention?
Please enter the Westin Boston Seaport through the entrance on D Street.

Will CGC grading be available on-site?

Is the facility fully accessible?
The Westin Boston Seaport is ADA compliant; please contact the venue for further information at the link.

What is the cosplay prop policy?

• Offensive and/or overly revealing attire is prohibited. If you’re asked to cover up by staff or security, please comply immediately or risk ejection from the convention.

• No real weapons or functioning projectile weapons – including guns, crossbows, swords, ninja stars, water pistols, silly-string guns, etc.

• All fake and prop guns must have an orange tip, whether glued plastic or painted.

• Metal weapons and objects that are deemed harmful towards attendees (sharp weapons and props) are prohibited.

• No explosives or flash pots

• Weapons must be easily distinguishable from real weapons.

Our security and staff reserve to right to refuse any weapon or costume accessory/prop into the show at any time. Additionally, weapons will be zip tied to show that staff has checked them to deem them safe!


Thank you for your interest. Please contact Jules Gagne via email or phone 603-321-1027

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