comic book creators

artist: Image
artist: DC, Heavy Metal
artist: Archie, DC, Marvel
artist: Archie, Dynamite, IDW
artist: DC, Marvel
artist: DC, Marvel, Vertigo
artist: DC, IDW, Marvel
writer/artist: Dark Horse, DC, IDW, Marvel
artist: DC, Marvel
artist: Boom, Dynamite, Valiant
artist: DC, Dynamite, Marvel
artist: Archie, DC, Image, Marvel
writer: DC, Image, Marvel
artist: DC, Image, Marvel
artist/writer: DC
artist: DC, Image, Marvel
artist: DC, IDW
artist: Dark Horse, Image
artist: Archie, DC, Marvel
artist/writer: Dark Horse, DC, Kitchen Sink
artist: DC, Marvel
artist: IDW, Image
artist: DC, IDW
artist: DC, Marvel
artist: IDW, Marvel
artist: DC, Dynamite, IDW, Marvel


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