Exhibitor Load-In & Registration

THANK YOU for signing on as an exhibitor for the 2023 Wicked Comic Con Boston at the Hynes Convention Center. We have important information to make the move in and move out as easy and painless as possible. Please take just a moment to review.

Load in times:

  • Move-in Friday (4/21) 1:00pm to 9:00 pm through the loading dock.
  • Move-in Saturday (4/22) 7:00 am to 9:00 am through the loading dock. 
  • The show opens to the public at 10:00am.  Please be fully set up and ready to greet the public 30 minutes beforehand. 
  • Move-out Sunday (4/23) 6:00pm to 8:00pm.
  • Exhibitors may unload their own vehicles using a 2 or 4 wheel hand cart. 
  • Exhibitors can also enter on foot through 900 Boylston Street (the main public entrance to the Hynes in front of the building) Friday and Saturday with hand carry items only (if you need a dolly to move your merchandise, you will have to load in through the loading dock).  If you can avoid going through the loading dock (as is probably the case with most ARTISTS, you should do so to alleviate any unnecessary congestion at the dock). 

Using the loading dock:

  • Vehicles will enter the loading dock area on CAMBRIA STREET (off Boylston Street). 
  • At the top of the ramp, an attendant will confirm you are an exhibitor and give instructions on when to proceed down the ramp. A Wicked Comic Con staff person will be there to greet and direct you. 
  • You will unload all of your materials on to the dock, into the service elevator, and into the main exhibition hall where you will be directed to your exhibit space. Drop off you materials, immediately return to your vehicle and drive out to a nearby parking lot. 
  • The Back Bay district has several parking garages in the area. This link has several parking options within walking distance of the Hynes Convention Center. 
  • At the end of the event on Sunday you need to FIRST PACK UP YOUR EXHIBIT SPACE . Then bring your vehicle to the dock.  Finally, bring your materials to the dock and load out.  PLEASE DO NOT PACK UP YOUR EXHIBITOR SPACE PRIOR TO 6:00PM (CLOSE OF SHOW).  
  • Please note that the Hynes is a UNION building.  Do NOT bring a vehicle greater than 24 ft in length.  If you do, you will be required to pay the UNION to unload and load your vehicle. 
  • Wicked Comic Con Contact Information:  Bob and Kim Shaw (wickedcomiccon@gmail.com, 603-657-0480 {Bob}, 603-657-0286 {Kim}) or Kirby Chin (kchin1015@gmail.com, 781-660-2513).


Thank you for your interest. Please contact Jules Gagne via email julesgagne@aspresented.com or phone 603-321-1027

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